Engine Bay Lighting

Emphasize the beast that lives inside.

Custom fit specifically
for your ride

Engine bay lighting will emphasize your power plant. Show off the true monster inside like it deserves! Full RGB control to set the right mood. Create a show stopping spectacle for all your on-lookers!




Engine bay and wheel well lighting can really give you a loud show car look, we install led powered light bars tucked inside the engine bay to give a powerful glow to emphasize the beast inside! These set ups come with full RGB colors and are app controlled

Installing engine bay and wheel well lighting can add a cool and unique look to your vehicle, as well as provide additional visibility when working on your vehicle at night.

Yes, there are different types of engine bay and wheel well lighting, including flexible LED strips, rigid LED strips, and LED pods. We also install wheel rings mounted to the vehicles backing plates, a structure that is part of your braking system.

Engine bay and wheel well lighting typically uses low power LED bulbs, so it will have a minimal load on your vehicle’s system. We tap into an ignition source to protect from parasitic battery drains when your vehicle is off. We also have the added option or an on/off switch to provide you with the ability to turn on and off when parked, ideal for showcasing at car show events or to just turn on and off whenever you please whether the car is running or not.

Engine bay and wheel well lighting can be installed on most vehicles, but the installation process may vary depending on the make and model.

We do not recommend driving on public roads with lights on. These are for off road use only! Especially in The State of California. Always obey local laws.

We use stainless steel brackets to mount led strips, zip ties, and adhesives for a secure mount of components.