Adding ambient lighting inside your automobile is a fantastic approach.
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More methods to further
enhance its style

Even if LED interior lights for automobiles are just aesthetic lighting, there are many things to consider. As a result, all of the top LED interior lights for vehicles come with comprehensive explanations of their key features.




Interior ambient lighting provides illumination throughout the car’s interior, using your vehicle’s natural lines for a clean look. Like upscale Mercedes Benz models.  This will usually include dashboard, door trim, footwell, door storage spaces and door handles. We can also add more ambient strips at request to give you what you’re dreaming of!

Unlike some installers that use tube style light powered ambient lighting that are weak in sunlight and have a large bulky presence, we use a thin, fully app controlled set up that comes with endless color selection, dream flow color chasing capabilities with literally hundreds of modes and options including 8 music modes! There are more base options which include dashboard and doors, to more optimal options like dashboard, door trims, door handles, door storage cubbies, speakers, cup holders and many more!

There are tube style light powered ambients which don’t have many light scheme options, bulky, not visible unless dark outside. Interior ambient lighting typically we use computer app controlled LED strips, which are energy-efficient, bright, fully adjustable, discreet and durable. They are constructed with an acrylic light emitting exterior.

Not typically, as LED lights are fairly durable, but like anything else, care will ensure they last long. 

Interior ambient lighting can greatly enhance the experience of riding in your car, providing a more luxurious feel.

Interior ambient lighting can reduce eye strain, improve visibility and alertness when driving at night, and provide an inviting atmosphere.

Interior ambient lighting is installed to your cars ignition source, to separate from the battery to eliminate parasitic battery draws.

We recommend making an appointment to have an estimated cost. Since it varies by models and other factors depending on the model. We have different options to best fit your budget.