Starlight Headliners

Make every journey a Magical

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Fiber Optic Starlights

Completely immersive yourself into your own personal starry cosmos. We use high quality star modules that are bright, durable and come standard with pure white, and endless colors. Amount of stars, designs and shooting stars are all customizable based of what you want.




The  headliner is part of the vehicle’s interior. The ceiling that sections off your vehicle’s roof. This layer is usually constructed of composite fiber material, and sometimes compressed cardboard, with a layer of glue, foam and fabric. Not only is it designed to enclose the passenger compartment from the steel roof structure, it also adds comfort, noise suppression, hides curtain airbags, and is part of the vehicle’s integral structure! Adding stars can really enhance your driving experience, provide a level of luxury and class comparable to some of the world’s leading Luxury Manufactures like Rolls Royce!! Stars come standard with bluetooth app control and remote. Change from pure white to any color, adjust brightness, twinkle effect, music mode and lots of other features and functions to provide you full customizable access to your personal cosmos! 

This of course, depends on some factors, age and construction of your vehicle’s headliner, whether or not it’s a convertible, headliner shape, and space up top. Provide  the year make and model, and we’ll be able to determine with this information provided.

Yes we can add stars to almost any car with a sunroof, or panoramic sunroof. Whether or not we can add stars to the sunroof cover itself depends on construction. Most sunroof covers, we can add stars. Panoramic sun shades, unfortunately we cannot. They’re constructed of a soft mesh material that actually rolls up into a spool upon opening and closing. A solid base is required to thread star fibers, which panoramic style sunroof shades do not provide, but we can add stars around the rest of the headliner!

It is an extremely tedious and time consuming process. There are lots of clips and brackets that can be easily broken if not careful, safety restraint system (curtain airbags) is hidden behind headliner, star spacing and grouping must be carefully designed for a nice even full star flow. Make sure, if you decide to install yourself, you have a plan and understanding of the process. Lots can go wrong if not careful!

Yes we can! This will be added to cost as more time and material is required to incorporate such designs. Size, complexity and detail are all factors into cost. We can also add galaxies, real life constellations and much more.

This of course is dependent on your dealership, as far as lighting affecting drivetrain, no it will not, however it is at dealerships discretion, make sure you consult with your vehicle dealership if you have questions and concerns.

We provide a 5 year warranty if any stars stop working or have any issues at all. We store star modules somewhere behind interior panels so in an event where this is the case, we can quickly replace without your vehicle having to be down for a while to replace. It can be changed in mere minutes!

Depending on the size of your vehicle, amount of stars and complexity or your vehicle. In some vehicles seats, center console and dashboards may have to be removed! Other vehicles are simpler and may not require as much removal of components. On average, installs take 6-14 hours. Some vehicles(large SUV’s, trucks, and vans) can take much longer. 

Suede fabric is a soft, durable material with a beautiful luxury look and feel that we can add to your star package. First we peel original headliner material, sand down headliner board to base, spray industrial grade adhesive, then wrap your oem board with rich luxury Suede. Suede comes in many colors! Black being most popular and ideal to provide the best starry space appearance, but colored suede can really help your ride stand out! Colors choices include black, gray, orange, red, green, blue, gold, yellow and more! We also can wrap pillars, visors and sunroof covers in suede on most vehicles as well! Suede is not always required but will definitely aid in detail and depth. In some cases suede will be strongly recommended on certain vehicles as some headliner material does not allow a clean flawless finish (some may leave a bumpy, fuzzy appearance that suede will eliminate). This will be discussed with you by one of our trained technicians.

Starlight headliner works best on a black or dark fabric headliner, however, starlights still look great on a gray or lighter color headliner at night, however, star fibers will naturally be more visible with lighter colors. We can add dark/black fabric to enhance and change your vehicle’s interior as this will definitely provide an ideal finish for best results for stars!

Our standard systems we use here at Starlitauto are 12 volt 13 watt led powered star modules. Most modern auxiliary power sources on vehicles can handle 15 volts at 200 watts, easily able to handle power output. We also hard tap the ignition source power supply that is separate from the battery, so you will never have to worry about draining your vehicle’s battery! When the car is off, stars are off. We also provide an added option to install battery source on/off switch if you desire the ability to turn stars on and off when vehicle is parked!(good for quick on off access and show cars parked at meets or shows!) Plugs and wires will never be visible or exposed, everything is done clean and hidden to provide factory finish. You will also maintain full access to dc power points to charge your phone or other devices without any interruptions. On EV vehicles, we also tap into auxiliary power sources so it is separated from battery driveline.

No, the fiber optic lights will bend and potentially break during a convertible top’s folding, we only recommend installation on cars with a fixed roof. But, we offer other options for convertible cars, like ambient lighting, underglow, caliper paint, and other options! Convertibles will not be left out!

Here at Starlitauto, we systematically plan and design a unique, custom design with a star layout that will best compliment your vehicle’s natural contour, providing you one of a kind finish none like any other vehicle out there! We use hundreds to thousands of fiber optic threads, one by one, using medical grade surgical threading needles to ensure the cleanest, most non-invasive finish! We never use drills as these can leave a large visible hole and tear marks on fabric. This process may take a bit longer than drilling, but, to us here at Starlitauto, a flawless impeccable finish is the main goal. After stars are threaded we then use surgical trimmers to leave a clean smooth finish. We lastly insulate fibers to ensure a protected, long lasting finish.